EFT in Business

Taking “your game” to a whole new level


I was in the investment real estate business for 25 years and did not know about the techniques that I teach today for most of that time. I do well know the issues that we deal with in the business world and will share how the work that I currently engage in can assist you in many ways enjoy your business much more and have more success with less effort.

With the coaching, I can assist you with the processes and systems of whatever business that you are in and we can reach agreements on what steps you can take to move your business in the direction you would like it to go. I also can hold you accountable in a non-judgmental way for a long enough periods for you to establish habits that put you on a successful path and to assist you in making adjustments along the way. I do not have to know much about your particular business to effectively assist with this because there are some universal principles that apply to all businesses.

We use the EFT and other techniques to remove mental/emotional blocks that you may have in implementing steps that are necessary for you to create a successful working model for your business. For example, you may procrastinate, feel overwhelmed, have anxiety or depression, have lots of anger, fear of cold calling, or many other issues that impede your ability to be as successful as you could be.

The results are very quick and you will notice a difference in days or weeks and not months or years or never.