Matrix Reimprinting

A Deeper Level of Healing


Introduction to Matrix Re-imprinting


Pam’s experience with Matrix Re-imprinting


Peggy’s experience with Matrix Re-imprinting


Don's Matrix Reimprinting experience with 3 on-air radio personalities


Matrix Reimprinting is a way to use EFT for an even deep level of healing from emotional distresses. The basic concept is that energy consciousness holograms (ECHOes) exist from any experience that we have had in the past and that these ECHOes can hold negative feelings that we may not experience in the present when we remember such a situation.

So, for example, suppose you are currently 45 years old and when you think about something that happened when you were 10 then you either have some negative feelings about it or not. If you do, we use EFT to get your negative feelings down to a level of 3 or less (on a SUD scale from 0 to 10). If you don’t then we can go right to the next step. In the next step, I ask you to either visualize or sense the event and once you have a clear sense of it then I ask the current you to “step into the Matrix” of this event. Once you are in there then you make connection with the 10 year old ECHO and I take you through a process of using EFT on the ECHO until it is released of all negative charges and then we create a new memory that feels really good and I guide you through a process to reimprint this memory.


Sandy’s experience with Matrix Reimprinting


Thomas’ experience with Matrix Reimprinting


This is the simplified explanation and things may come up in the Matrix with younger Echoes of yourself or others involved that we may need to deal with to clear the entire issue for you. There is also a way to test our results once we are done. This may sound weird or hard to imagine or believe and it really does work rather well and is one of those things that you just have to experience for yourself. You can listen to the two short video here from a couple of clients who experienced this for the first time and maybe get a better sense of what it is about.