Personal Healing

Personal Healing

Personal healing can be attained for common issue such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, cravings, addiction, and weight loss.

EFT Video Program

EFT Video Program

Learn how to perform EFT tapping in your own home with my series of affordable do-it-yourself EFT video tutorials.



Performance in business and sports and be dramatically enhanced, whether your a pro-athlete, business leader, or aspiring to new heights.

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As far as eucatastrophic events go, Don Milton has had more than his fair share. Eucatastrophic is a word coined by J.R.R. Tolkien, refers to “good” catastrophes. These catastrophes or calamities have the power to transform our lives in very positive and powerful ways. Don Milton’s life has been shaped and reshaped by these events. His passion is teaching and coaching others to experience the wisdom and opportunity within each of these challenges. His life long commitment is to empower his clients. He encourages them to live at their highest and best, to open the doors and embrace the unlimited possibilities.

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EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is an important component of Don Milton’s practice. Its speed and results are truly amazing. EFT rapidly relieves emotional and psychological distress without medication and without long term talk therapy. EFT uses a simple tapping technique to achieve fast and permanent results for many common issues.

The basic concept of EFT is that all negative emotions are caused by imbalances or blocks in a person’s energy field. EFT has been found effective in the treatment of a wide range of emotional and physical problems such as: anger, anxiety, depression, guilt, grief, insomnia and phobias. EFT helps people quit smoking, eliminate food cravings, lose weight, and achieve optimal business or sports performance. It can relieve pain such as fibromyalgia or back pain, and much more. EFT can be used to improve any emotion or situation.

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Hour by Hour

Sessions at your own pace to focus on specific issues using both coaching and energy healing techniques. Discounts available for multiple sessions.

  • • Phobias, Anxiety, Grief, etc.
  • • Package for Weight Loss or Smoking
  • • Get Results in Hours, not Months
  • • Easy, Quick and Effective Results


12 Week Intensive

For those who want to do some deep inner work and clear out all the emotional toxins from the past and learn how to create more in their lives.

  • • Custom Designed for Your Needs
  • • Learn Techniques for Healing Yourself
  • • Daily Homework and Full Support
  • • Will Transform Your Life Forever


Group Program

If you put together a small group of friends then I can design sessions that allow everyone to get results on their own issues at a more affordable rate.

  • • Weekly Sessions of 90 Minutes Each
  • • Rate Depends on Number of People
  • • Single or Multiple Sessions Available
  • • You Create a Safe Space for Group


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I have been dealing with the grief of my son’s death for fourteen years. Until my session with you, I did not realize what the stored anger and sadness was doing to my body. I have been plagued with severe sinus infections for some time now. During our session, I literally felt my head open up. It has now been eight days, and I still have no congestion. I am convinced that problem does not exist in my body anymore! We also worked on my fear of heights. I went to a ball game at the Arena on Friday we had nose bleed seats! I was perfectly fine and actually laughed at myself.

Deborah Deborah