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Don guided me through a TFT session for pain in my arm and shoulder. The pain started out at an 8 with 10 being the worst. For the session, I dealt with a particular arm movement that made me cringe with pain. After a few minutes of TFT, the pain of that movement was completely gone, and at this writing, three days later, it has not returned.


I had been suffering with lower back pain for several weeks, and it was much worse after sitting while driving and at my desk. It was difficult for me to get up and walk because of the pain. After one session using TFT, the pain was relieved, and I have had only slight discomfort in the past day or so and nothing like what I had been experiencing before.


My family doctor diagnosed the severe pain in my right shoulder as a torn rotator cuff. After confirming this on x-ray, he sent me to an orthopedist. He gave me an injection of cortisone and advised I could have 2 more shots before having surgery. Instead, I went to Don Milton. In just one 90 minute EFT session with Don, the pain went completely away! During the tapping session, several issues came up and were also resolved. The next time I saw my family doctor, he asked about my treatment, as the new x-ray confirmed I was healed. The doctor didn’t “get” EFT; that was okay with me. We both knew I was healed!


For three years I have been recovering from a long term health issue. I contacted Don to help me pinpoint the “blocks” that were keeping me from recovering more quickly. After just two sessions, I identified probably the biggest block, released it, and gained the confidence to move forward in life, unencumbered by this false belief/fear. An added bonus was that after three months of struggling with severe neck pain and vertebrae mis-alignments (which I did not even mention to Don), my neck problem was solved and pain completely gone! Don used a combination of EFT, TAT, and coaching with me and was even willing to discuss nutritional cleansing with me. Thanks, Don! I am much closer to regaining perfect health thanks to you.

Claire, Age 28, Chicago

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful help using TFT on my injured knee. After using TFT, the pain just vanished. It came back a few weeks later, but I used the TFT again, and the pain vanished again. It came back one more time, but after applying TFT it has now gone for good. Another six months have passed, and I am still pain-free. You also worked with my son who was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. After your treatment he was able to sleep well again, and he repeatedly told me that your treatment made a big difference in his life.


I had chronic tension in my back and neck and during the session, as we progressed, I felt the tension slowly leave with each step of the process. At the end of the session, all tension was gone. The whole process was totally organic. I felt a deep sense of peace and tranquility at the end. I also felt my heart chakra expand and open more and had a strong sense of me being able to have a long term intimate committed relationship. I also felt more accepting of myself, no matter what was going on in my life. This was very powerful for me.


When I first heard about this method called EFT, I was skeptical, it seemed highly unlikely that doing some simple tapping exercises, and repeating certain phrases could dissolve the emotional turmoil of a traumatic break-up of my marriage, intensified by the death of my Mother. After discovering some very shocking and harsh truths about my husband, I felt my life unraveling and my confidence and beliefs shattered. I was looking for an instant “balm” to ease my pain, and yet knew that the prescription medications prescribed to me during this ordeal only served to mask and mute the pain. What I really wanted was to just somehow erase the traumatic images and thoughts in my mind, as in the bizarre “cure” depicted in the movie, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I realized that erasing the memories of this relationship was not an option nor was it a healthy solution to true healing, which is what I really sought. So, I made an appointment with Don, to try EFT and was amazed to experience relief — going from a deep well of anguish to an objective observation of events, which allowed me to put everything in a healthier perspective. EFT allows you to play back painful events and watch them as an outside observer who is able to appreciate all of the positive images while noticing how those painful images and experiences play a part of a much bigger picture. It doesn’t take away, for example, your love for someone who has died it simply allows you to recall the sad images without feeling (and storing) those intense emotions in your mind and body in ways that can often lead to emotional, physical or mental illness. Seeing things without the emotional heaviness got me out of the drama that keeps us so stuck and this led me to consider doing deeper work, for a more profound healing, not just emotional relief. (In all the years of counseling that I had done proactively, to stay mentally healthy during times of stress, I was often told that I had a high level of self-insight and yet, I often stayed stuck in my old self-defeating patterns which allowed me to be abused and under-appreciated. Going through an intensive with Don, brought to the surface aspects I hadn’t been aware of and allowed me to be more fully engaged in an active process of healing those aspects (that we all have and which manifest in many different ways) and the journey of that process is quite exhilarating! When I think back to how I was, I am so grateful that I can now recall what used to be painful memories that brought instant sadness and depression — and can now see things more clearly and understand what it was really all about! There’s a deeper appreciation of life now and a greater wisdom (without the cynical “protective” barriers that we often put up as a result of life’s painful experience) My motto now is Look for the Truth don’t look for relief!


I have been dealing with the grief of my son’s death for fourteen years. Until my session with you, I did not realize what the stored anger and sadness was doing to my body. I have been plagued with severe sinus infections for some time now. During our session, I literally felt my head open up. It has now been eight days, and I still have no congestion. I am convinced that problem does not exist in my body anymore! We also worked on my fear of heights. I went to a ball game at the Arena on Friday we had nose bleed seats! I was perfectly fine and actually laughed at myself.


When I traveled to America last year, I was still depressed from losing my wonderful husband four years earlier. I could not find much joy in life. Many things about this trip helped, but one of the most unusual and lasting experiences was the work with Don Milton. He did his EFT therapy with me to help me feel better about life without my husband. After one hour of work, I felt lighter, happier and more peaceful inside, yet it is hard to explain. My sister and my friend said they could see the difference in me after the session. When I returned home one month later, my daughter told me I was a different person in a very good way. Things have continued to get better in my life and I am so grateful.

Christel, Lieblos, Germany

J I recently experienced the very sudden ending of a relationship. My session with Don helped me regain perspective and feel like myself again. The session was short, and we quickly went through sequences for several specific issues related to the emotions around the loss of love. I began to vibrate and feel emotionally the well-being and slight euphoria I had gotten used to feeling, but had lost in this painful circumstance. It was back, and I was released from the weight in my heart.


Both my father and sister died within a 5-month period. I was diagnosed as depressed, but anti-depressants were having very little effect on my ability to cope. Through a series of muscle tests, Don assessed that grief was not the real cause of my depression. In reality, my depression was fueled by repressed anger, guilt and fear. We worked with TFT and EFT to eliminate my guilt and to minimize my anger and fear. By bringing into focus the real source of my depression, for the first time, I had a target I would work toward. Since then, I have found the TAP technique as an excellent way to get in touch with the real source of issues, so I can work through them more quickly.


Over the last many years, I have studied as many consciousness-raising systems as possible from transactional analysis, EST, various new-age and old-age gurus to NLP, Hinduism, Buddhism, and various forms of Christianity. Each has been helpful in its own way; however, none has given the fast and elegant results of TFT. Thanks for introducing me to this powerful modality.


For more than 20 years, I fell into patterns of enabling and caretaking in relationships. With Don’s help, and the application of EFT and TFT, I have been able to examine those old, unhealthy patterns and not fall into the trap of further repeats with more loss. Also, through the use of these two therapies, I eliminated many of the old feelings of inadequacy, guilt and depression. It has been very empowering and given me great insight for my own development and success in accomplishing my goals.


I must admit that I was a little skeptical of TFT at first. The dramatic success stories just seemed too good to be true. However, once you and I worked together on my claustrophobia, I was really amazed. I knew immediately that I no longer felt anxious when discussing my fear of small spaces, and after we put it to the real test by closing me in the closet, I was convinced. This process is wonderful, and I only wish more people would be open to trying it.


I’ve been researching alternative methods of healing for over 25 years. It isn’t often I get excited about a modality anymore, but with EFT, I found a method of accessing energy blockages that isn’t the least bit painful. I’ve been witness to the dissolution of a serious phobia while gaining considerable ground in my own emotional landscape. It’s a winner in my book.


Just two sessions with Don set the creative writer in me free! I finally got over the emotional and physical blocks, and I am joyfully writing.


I met Don Milton in May 2004 while I was visiting a very good friend in Birmingham, Alabama. I was amazed by his work, and could feel the healing energy as it took effect. I had never before heard of these therapies, but now I hear about it here in Europe also! I think many therapies work, but this one is special. Don’s application of it with me was especially helpful.

Ingrid, Gelnhausen, Germany

My first Matrix Energetics session, on April 26, was both peaceful and freeing to me. Initially, I felt as if 2 small openings were created in etheric field surrounding my body. These openings allowed small streams of negative energy to escape. I actually had a sense of how this looked; the energy was grayish and it formed balloon shapes as it was released. These “balloons” simply floated away, while the openings sealed. I felt lighter and brighter; but a bit ungrounded. Then, as you continued working, my awareness shifted inward, to my Soul-self. At first, that Soul frequency was scattered about here and there, within my Being. Gradually, as you continued to use your technique, the energy came together into a stable, compact form. Such a tranquil feeling! I ended up having the consciousness of being complete, and, firmly grounded. As a result of your work, I felt secure and comfortable within myself. And, I must say, that these feelings are still within me. Thank you!


I met Don a few months ago. I had experienced an awakening that shattered illusions and revealed truths. I didn’t understand what it all meant or even where to begin to learn how to understand it. I found Don through the EFT website. I called him and we connected immediately. I sensed openness in him. I decided to participate in his 12 week intensive program. Through his guidance, I not only examined and unraveled core assumptions and beliefs but also took action to undo the false and emotionally damaging beliefs. Most importantly, I learned spiritual practices and tools that I use daily in order to maintain my emotional and spiritual well-being. Don held me accountable to learning these practices so I could move forward with the tools I needed for continued growth. I would recommend this program to anyone seeking guidance or help resolving emotional issues.