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Do It Yourself
EFT Videos

This series of 17 videos was created to give people an inexpensive experience of the power of basic EFT in the comfort of their own home. Spending less than 20 minutes watching one of these videos, can produce notice results within a couple of days. Please go through the video pages to learn more about them and for only $29 you can get a digital download and can begin the experience right away. Each video comes with a bonus package with additional resources. You have nothing to risk!

I have been pleasantly pleased and surprised at the results people have gotten from just using one of these videos. The written testimonies and the audio testimonies are from real people with real problems who got real results. I did not coach them or encourage them on what to say and just asked for their experience after using one of the videos.

For deeper issues, please use a professional and the money will be well worth it because you can generally get more results from an experienced EFT practitioner in a few minutes or hours than you may get from traditional talk therapy in weeks, months, or years.

Basic Foundations of My Work

There is a higher power that contains all truth. Our life works better when we align with that power

  • We are fully responsible for our peace, love, and joy
  • We always lose when arguing with reality
  • There are processes to give one experiences to reach their own understanding
  • Discernment boundaries and communication are essential
  • All healing happens in an instant and some things lead to those instants quicker than others
  • Our outer world is just a reflection of our inner world
  • There is no death and just transformation from one state to another and the essence of our being is eternal

Don's on-air radio Do-It-Yourself EFT experiences

For specific instructions and suggestions to maximize your experience with EFT, download this pdf document.
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EFT Video Introduction


What Happy Clients Say

“Don is very intuitive, and at the same time, a down to earth, reliable eft coach. The most recent coaching with him was when I requested some assistance regarding feeling tired after work, that really have had bothered me for some time. The next day he sent to me a short eft video of him with some spot on suggestions regarding this matter, a demonstration of how to tap, and a follow up to retain the desired result!
For me it worked perfectly. During work, I repeated the suggested statements, and I felt the impact right away. Definitely, I would call him again when I need to, and would recommend him to a friend or anyone that is looking for fast and long lasting results. Thank you again, Don!”

Vivian G

“I have been smoking since I was 14 years old ~ that was 33 years ago. I’ve tried taking pills to quit as well as the patch, on several occasions without success. The side effects of traditional medication outweighed the benefits (to me) of not smoking so I gave up each time.
Don Milton introduced me to Emotional Freedom Technique for smokers in his short video presentation seven days ago. His warm demeanor, humor and no-nonsense explanation and direction for the EFT was engaging and easy to follow. I began using his technique seven days ago, every time I wanted a cigarette (about 20 -25 times a day). Today I am still smoking ~ 1-3 cigarettes a day ~ and I cannot believe how effective the Emotional Freedom Technique is!
I absolutely credit having access to Don’s video with my success because several times a day when part of me just doesn’t want to do the technique (my smoker’s brain) I can play the video and see Don’s face, hear his sincerity and encouragement, non-judgment and guidance and it helps me to keep on going (day or night). I am confident that in short order I will be choosing to not smoke at all. I’m very close and credit it to Don Milton and the Emotional Freedom Technique. Thanks Don!”


“I used EFT for pain control of a broken foot. I had been suffering from upset stomach due to use of pain medication for the broken foot. After receiving Don Milton’s video and applying the EFT technique, in just one session, not only did I receive relief from the pain without any pain medication but I also felt very relaxed and less stress! Thank you, Don.”

Martha S.

“My name is Janet and I am Don’s personal Assistant, Don advised me to do an EFT session with him on stress in order to be able to understand exactly what EFT is and how it works. Being a Virtual Assistant is sometimes stressful but when Don provided me a video to use anytime I feel stressed I was amazed with the results! On the scale of 1-10 my stress was a 10, after the process it dropped to a 7 and then to a 3! Also after watching the video I had yawned several times which I found out from Don was normal for the body was releasing toxin. I felt like I just woke up and had a much clear mind after watching the video. Ever since then I had been using Don’s EFT technique on my own anytime I feel worn out. You will be amazed with significant results – The first time round!

Janet W.