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Group Phone Program

Group Phone Program

This program was created for people who are interested in personal growth or have particular emotional, physical, or relationship issues that they would like to resolve without spending a lot of money or traveling anywhere to do it. I need a minimum of 15 participants and there is no practical upper limit. We schedule six 2 hour phone sessions at the same time and day for six consecutive weeks and all calls are recorded and links to the replay are sent out the next day. The minimum requirement to be in the program and get your money’s worth is to be on each call (or listen to the replay) and spend 20 minutes per day learning basic EFT. In the first call, I will talk about EFT and several other exercises, how time is required for each, and the benefits from each exercise. If you choose to do more than the basic 20 minutes per day with EFT, you will get extra benefits commensurate with the effort that put into the program.

These group programs are created when someone initiates it either within a company, network marketing group, church group, or other organization. The organizer is paid a commission based on the number of participants in the program. If the organizer cannot or does not want to accept the commission then I will either discount the fee for the program or donate that amount to a recipient of the organizer’s choice.

During the calls, everyone on the call can work on different issues at the same time without even telling what you are working on. I ask for individual volunteers for each exercise that we do and while I interact with that person on the phone then everyone else is following along, working on their particular issue. Results include: elimination all sorts of emotional issues related to past events, relief from physical pains, elimination of food craving or tobacco addiction, clearing phobias, getting more peace in your life with less anxiety, getting over grief from loss, and much more.

The fee for this program is only $495 and if you do the minimum work, you will likely get more benefit from this, then weeks or months or years of traditional talk therapy, personal growth seminars, or many other programs that cost much more.

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