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In Person Group Program

In Person Group Program

I can custom design these group programs to fit the needs of any size group to be done locally or in another city in the US. This can be anywhere from a onetime 2 hour program locally to a weekend program either locally or in another city. The structure of the program and fee will be determined when we created the program based on the needs of the group being served. These programs can enable participants to experience major shifts within the context of the program and learn tools to take away to use for themselves on a regular basis for even more healing of emotional blocks, managing chronic physical pains, removing blocks to personal performance in business or sports, improving relationships, and many more benefits.

The longer the program, the more tools can be taught for the group. Two hour programs will provide a basic introduction to EFT and a few useful concepts. Half day programs can cover a bit more and full day programs even more. A very useful structure for a group who wants to have a bit of continuity and learn more that they can incorporate in their daily life, would be a six session program as described in another document on this site called “Six Session Group Phone Program” and this would just be done in person with no recordings of the sessions.

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