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Nothing To Panic

I met Don a few months ago. I had experienced an awakening that shattered illusions and revealed truths. I didn’t understand what it all meant or even where to begin to learn how to understand it. I found Don through the EFT website. I called him and we connected immediately. I sensed openness in him. I decided to participate in his 12 week intensive program. Through his guidance, I not only examined and unraveled core assumptions and beliefs but also took action to undo the false and emotionally damaging beliefs. Most importantly, I learned spiritual practices and tools that I use daily in order to maintain my emotional and spiritual well-being. Don held me accountable to learning these practices so I could move forward with the tools I needed for continued growth. I would recommend this program to anyone seeking guidance or help resolving emotional issue


Discover the power of a decision and the freedom this ground breaking process provides.

It’s time for positive action. Your new world awaits you!