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Personal Healing

Linda My first Matrix Energetics session, on April 26, was both peaceful and freeing to me. Initially, I felt as if 2 small openings were created in etheric field surrounding my body. These openings allowed small streams of negative energy to escape. I actually had a sense of how this looked; the energy was grayish and it formed balloon shapes as it was released. These “balloons” simply floated away, while the openings sealed. I felt lighter and brighter; but a bit ungrounded. Then, as you continued working, my awareness shifted inward, to my Soul-self. At first, that Soul frequency was scattered about here and there, within my Being. Gradually, as you continued to use your technique, the energy came together into a stable, compact form. Such a tranquil feeling! I ended up having the consciousness of being complete, and, firmly grounded. As a result of your work, I felt secure and comfortable within myself. And, I must say, that these feelings are still within me. Thank you!


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