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Why Be Depressed

When I first heard about this method called EFT, I was skeptical, it seemed highly unlikely that doing some simple tapping exercises, and repeating certain phrases could dissolve the emotional turmoil of a traumatic break-up of my marriage, intensified by the death of my Mother. After discovering some very shocking and harsh truths about my husband, I felt my life unraveling and my confidence and beliefs shattered. I was looking for an instant “balm” to ease my pain, and yet knew that the prescription medications prescribed to me during this ordeal only served to mask and mute the pain. What I really wanted was to just somehow erase the traumatic images and thoughts in my mind, as in the bizarre “cure” depicted in the movie, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I realized that erasing the memories of this relationship was not an option nor was it a healthy solution to true healing, which is what I really sought. So, I made an appointment with Don, to try EFT and was amazed to experience relief — going from a deep well of anguish to an objective observation of events, which allowed me to put everything in a healthier perspective. EFT allows you to play back painful events and watch them as an outside observer who is able to appreciate all of the positive images while noticing how those painful images and experiences play a part of a much bigger picture. It doesn’t take away, for example, your love for someone who has died it simply allows you to recall the sad images without feeling (and storing) those intense emotions in your mind and body in ways that can often lead to emotional, physical or mental illness. Seeing things without the emotional heaviness got me out of the drama that keeps us so stuck and this led me to consider doing deeper work, for a more profound healing, not just emotional relief. (In all the years of counseling that I had done proactively, to stay mentally healthy during times of stress, I was often told that I had a high level of self-insight and yet, I often stayed stuck in my old self-defeating patterns which allowed me to be abused and under-appreciated. Going through an intensive with Don, brought to the surface aspects I hadn’t been aware of and allowed me to be more fully engaged in an active process of healing those aspects (that we all have and which manifest in many different ways) and the journey of that process is quite exhilarating! When I think back to how I was, I am so grateful that I can now recall what used to be painful memories that brought instant sadness and depression — and can now see things more clearly and understand what it was really all about! There’s a deeper appreciation of life now and a greater wisdom (without the cynical “protective” barriers that we often put up as a result of life’s painful experience) My motto now is Look for the Truth don’t look for relief!


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