Don explains the cycle of creation in a common-sense, practical way. This profound but simple information will help you in your everyday life. Once you understand the cycle of creation you can apply it to any situation, including your relationships, career, family, and health.

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What is the Emotional
Freedom Technique?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a cutting edge, quick and effective method of tapping on meridian points with your finger tips. It has been around for over 20 years and is used by professionals and lay people to significantly reduce and/or eliminate all sorts of negative emotions, addictions, physical pains, and remove mental blocks to peak performance in business or sports. It's effective and safe for both adults and children.

The Cycle of Creation

Beliefs Determine Results

Don explains the cycle of creation: how your personal beliefs ultimately determine the results that you get.

Have you been experiencing the same problems over and over again?

Many of us seemed doomed to repeat the same scenarios in our lives. We have relationships with the same type of person, we work at jobs that put us in the same financial situation, we repeat the same arguments with family members, we make the same mistakes over and over again, and we never seem to be able to get ahead.

If this describes you, you have been stuck in the cycle of creation:

  • Your beliefs determine your thoughts
  • Your thoughts determine your feelings
  • Your feelings determine your behavior
  • Your behavior determines your results
  • Yours results reinforce your beliefs

This understanding of cycle of creation does not require you to be part of any religion or school of thought. It relies on common sense observation of your life and how you react to situations based on your own beliefs.

Adjust your beliefs to create a new cycle

Once you understand the concept you will easily see it operating in other people's lives. And when you accept that the cycle of creation is in operation in your own life, you can adjust it and apply it to anything. Relationships, family, careers, money, and health can all be improved with the cycle of creation.

In this video Don also explains how this cycle of creation relates to the results that you can get with EFT, making it a useful companion to any of the EFT tutorials on this site.